The advancement and innovation of technology has made the world a better place to be. The technological advancement of mobile phones and apps have made bloggers blog with ease.

In this blog post, I will be giving you a lists and some explanation of the best and recommended apps for you as a blogger.

This apps are very important for you as a blogger because

  • It helps bloggers to track their blog if they are away from their computer,
  • These apps helps you to blog more often,
  • It allows bloggers to share their post easily on social media and forums.


  1. Blogger and WordPress

blogger pic

wordpress image

The blogger and WordPress mobile app is one of the most relevant apps for bloggers. This apps helps you create, edit and publish your blog posts with your mobile phone. You can do almost anything you want to do in your blog with this apps like tracking your analytics data, moderating your comments, publishing or uploading your pictures to your blog. Etc. click WordPress and Blogger to download the WordPress and blogger android app.


  1. Google analytics

google analystics pic

The google analytics apps helps to monitor and keep track of your blog traffic, stats and performance. With this app you can monitor your site usage statistics when you travelled or when you are away from your computer. You can download the Google analytics android app Here.

  1. Buffer

buffer pic

The buffer app allows you to share your blog posts on social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Buffer schedules your blog posts and post them on social media automatically. With the buffer app you can share all your blog posts on social media automatically. You can download the Buffer android app Here.

  1. Instapaper app

instapaper pic.jpg

Instapaper is really a great app for bloggers. It allows you to save any interesting thing you come across from the internet. The instapaper app allows you to save, read and manage interesting articles, videos, songs from the internet. You can download the Instapaper android app Here.

  1. Evernote

evernote pic.jpg

With the Evernote app you can create notes, save whatever you find in the internet, create to-do lists and the most interesting thing about this app is that the app sync everything between your phone, your tablet and also your computer, so you don’t actually need to worry about losing your stuff. You can also draw sketches, record audio clips, jot down some of your ideas so you don’t forget them. You can download the Evernote android app Here.

  1. Photo Editor Pro

photo editor pro.jpg

The photo editor pro app is an android app which can help bloggers edit their images or photos.

The app comes with a lot of features like the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, color, saturation, cropping of images, blurring of photos, ability to share photos on social media easily and lots more. You can download the photo editor pro android app Here.

  1. Dictionary app

dictionary app pic.png

Finding it difficult to know the meaning of a word that you are going to put in your blog post? Or a visitor commented on your blog post and used a word that you don’t know the meaning. Well, the dictionary app can be of a great help. The dictionary app can help you find the meaning of words you really don’t know. You can download the Dictionary android app Here.

  1. Facebook Pages Manager

fb page manager.png

The Facebook pages manager helps you share blog post updates and manage your Facebook page without you spending your time in login into your computer. With the Facebook Pages Manager app you can be able to read and reply to your messages from your friends on Facebook that likes your page, you can also track your promotions on your page. You can download the Facebook Pages Manager android app Here.

  1. WPS Office

wps office pic.jpg

The WPS office has more than 12 million downloads. The WPS office is a document app which can help bloggers edit or draft their blog post before publishing them on their blog site.

You can save your edited files on any cloud service. WPS office also supports files like, excel, power point, PDF, word, and Google Drive. You can use this app to blog post exactly the way you want to see it in your website like adding photos and videos too. The WPS app is one of my recommended apps for you because I use it too and it’s really a great app. You can download the WPS office android app Here.

  1. Pay Pal

paypal app pic.jpg

The Pay Pal app is a very important app for bloggers because most of your affiliate programs, Ad sense programs, etc make their payments to your PayPal account. The PayPal is like an online bank where your financial transactions are carried out, it’s a secured and a reliable system or program.

This app allows you to monitor your transactions and view transactions like checking of account balance, withdrawing of funds, transferring of funds. etc.

You can download the PayPal android app Here.

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