Samsung Galaxy S10 plus Vs iPhone XS Max

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and IPhone XS Max are both the top phones on the market, these two phones are the talk of the town. These phones really have awesome specs but which of these phones offers more to its customers? Read on, to know more…..

By June next month, the 5G variant of the Samsung S10 plus would be made available to the public. While Apple’s follow up to the iPhone XR, would arrive later in the year.

Until then, customers would have to make do with either the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, or the iPhone XS Max.

Both the samsung S10 Plus and iPhone XS Max feature similar specs; and both are teetering on the high thousand dollar line.

But which is truly Superior?

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus vs iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max was released late last year. The new iPhone, features a massive 6.5 inch screen, 4GB RAM and dual rear cameras.

While the Samsung Galaxy S10 released earlier this year, features a 6.4 inch display, 8GB of RAM and impressive triple cameras.

Before a closer indept look at the specs, it is important to know that both phones are at the very top of market, as they offer the latest features given their exorbitant prices.

The target market of both phones aren’t the average every day smart phone users, but those willing to pay more for enhanced performance. There are far more affordable samsung phones that would be more than sufficient for the regular everyday smartphone user.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS Max

Design and Display

iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max massive 6.5 near bezel-less OLED display, houses a front camera in a notch at the top. There is no finger print reader as the front camera supports FACE ID.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

The Samsung S10 plus features a 6.4 inch AMOLED display, supported by HDR10+ technology. The display is bezel-less, but features Samsung’s infinity-O design, in which the dual front cameras are inserted in a pill-like cut at the top right corner of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus fingerprint sensor

There is no visible finger print reader on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, because it’s located beneath the lower end of the screen. The volume and bixby(A.I) buttons are on the left side, while the power button is on the right.

The iPhone XS Max’s OLED super display is impressive; but the HDR10+ technology on the S10 plus, gives it an advantage over the iPhone.

HDR10+ technology is normally reserved for smart TV. And the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the first phone to use the technology. Other phones (the iPhone XS Max inclusive) normally use HDR10 technology.

So basically speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S10 features a better display than the IPhone XS Max.

Storage and Performance

The IPhone Xs Max runs on Apple’s new bionic A12 chip set, which is said to be capable of handling a whopping five trillion operations per second. It possess 4GB of RAM and has 64GB or 256GB or 512GB of storage space available. It also has the new IOS 12 operating system.

The Samsung S10 plus runs on Exynos 9820 SoC with octa-core 2.7GHz CPU and Mali-G76 MP12 GPU. Customers can pick between an 8GB and 12GB RAM variant. Also, there are three options, when it comes to the ROM department. The variations are as follows: 128GB, 512GB and 1TB. The storage can be extended with the use of a 512GB memory card. Samsung’s One UI skin refines the Android 9.0 Pie OS on the phone.

The very powerful bionic A12 chipset on the iPhone bests the S10’s chipset. Therefore, performance is expected to be smoother on the iPhone XS Max.


iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max features dual 12 MP cameras at the rear, that support optical image stabilization. While there’s a 7MP front camera on the front that supports FACE ID. The cameras have AI technology that automatically edits photos and offers scene recognition.

samsung galaxy s10 plus camera

The Samsung S10 has amazing triple cameras (12MP, 12MP, 16MP) at the rear, and two selfie cameras (10MP, 8MP) at the front, making a total of five cameras on the device.

The Samsung S10 seemingly beats the Apple XS Max in the camera department… But, physical specs and numbers do not necessarily portray a camera’s true quality; And Apple has one of the very best camera technology in the market… Yet again, the S10’s triple rear, horizontally aligned camera is very innovative. The first 12MP shooter acts as the main camera, while the second, acts as a photo-lens to influence portrait pictures. The 16MP camera acts as an ultra wide sensor.

In the end, the innovation on the S10’s cameras is impressive and appears better than the iPhone XS Max’s. But in reality, both might actually be equally matched.


The iPhone XS Max features a 3174mAh battery while Samsung Galaxy S10 plus features a 4100mAh battery.

The iPhone XS Max’s 3,174 mAh battery pales in comparison to the massive 4100 mAh battery on the S10 plus.


The Samsung S10 plus costs slightly lower than the iPhone XS Max.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus costs about 270 – 360,000 naira in Nigeria while iPhone XS Max costs 395 – 510,000 in Nigeria. You buy iphone xs max or Samsung Galaxy S10 plus from jumia at a discount price


The iPhone XS Max features a streamlined experience; meaning, focus was given to specific areas. The downside to this is that, there is really not enough upgrades to justify the price difference between it and the iPhone XS.

While the Samsung S10 plus features multiple surprising features/updates for a lower price.

The S10 seems like a better option, but Apple as always, is counting on their impeccable records to bolster sales. While Samsung is counting on their well known fascination with experimental/bold features, which have gone problematic a couple of times.

Based on this, the iPhone XS Max ultimately seems like a better (safer) option.

Side by side Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and IPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

4/5 | 4.5/5

3.5/5 | 4.6/5

Hexa Core | Octa core

6.5″ (16.51 cm) | 6.4″ (16.26 cm)

64 GB | 128 GB

12 MP + 12 MP | 12MP + 12MP + 16MP

iOS v12.0 | Android v9.0 (Pie)

Apple A12 Bionic | Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820

4 GB | 8 GB

7.7 mm. | 7.8 mm

77.4 mm | 74.1 mm

208 grams | 175 grams

Water resistant (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 2 meter) | IP68 Water resistant (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5 meter)

Dust proof | Dust proof

157.5 mm | 157.6 mm

Gold, Silver, Space Grey | Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Ceramic White


19.5:9 | 19:9

with notch | with punch-hole display

456 ppi | 526 ppi

Yes. | Yes. Corning Gorilla Glass v6

84.89 % | 87.11 %

1242 x 2688 pixels | 1440 x 3040 pixels

10 x Digital Zoom, 2 x Optical Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus | 10 x Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus

4000 x 3000 Pixels | 4000 x 3000 Pixels

7 MP Front Camera | 10 MP + 8 MP Dual Front Cameras

Retina Flash | LED Flash

1920×1080 @ 30 fps | 3840×2160 @ 30 fps

3174 mAh | 4100 mAh

v5.0 | v5.0

SIM1: Nano SIM2: eSIM | SIM1: Nano SIM2: Nano (Hybrid)

395 – 510,000 Naira | 270 – 360,000 Naira


  • On Display: The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus beats IPhone XS Max because of its HDR10+ display
  • On Storage: The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus also beats the IPhone XS Max phone because of its 1TB storage
  • On performance and speed: The IPhone XS Max beats Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus because the IPhone XS Max features a very powerful bionic A12 chipset, which is capable of handling a whopping five trillion operations per second
  • On Camera: Both phones have a very good camera but the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus features a very impressive triple rear camera (12MP + 12MP+16MP) and a 10MP+ 8MP front camera while IPhone XS Max features a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera but you should also note that IPhone has the best camera technology in the market. So on camera both phones are good.
  • On battery: The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus beats IPhone XS Max because it features a 4100mAh battery
  • User rating: The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus rates higher than the IPhone XS Max.

So therefore we can all conclude that Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is better than IPhone XS Max when comparing both specifications. If you have any questions or feedback please drop them on the comment box, I will be very pleased to reply to all your questions and feedbacks and you can use the social share buttons to share this article on different social sites

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