Huawei introduced the world’s most powerful 5G modem, the “5G Balong 5000.” The 5G Balong 5000 modem was introduced as the world’s most powerful 5G modem and was also the first that fully supports both Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 5G network architectures.

Engadget reported that Huawei is now open to sell its 5G Balong 5000 chipsets but only to Apple. According to the media reports, it was reported that Huawei could be considering selling its high powered 5G-enabled modems and chipsets to Apple.

The reason why Huawei decided to sell their 5G tech to Apple is because Apple is in a tough spot with its sole modem supplier because he failed to meet certain development deadlines after Apple has promised its customers that its 5G-ready ‘XMM 8160’ modems would be available in the second half of the 2019.

The US government also considers Huawei a huge security threat because of its close link with the Chinese government. The US government have banned their federal agencies from using Huawei products and is also encouraging other countries to refrain from using Huawei’s technology with their 5G networks.

But the 5G Balong 5000 looks like the type of chip Apple needs. This would give Apple the opportunity to build an iphone that would support 5G networks.

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