Hackers are Collecting Payment Details, User Passwords from 4,600 sites

Hackers have violated analytics service picreel and enterprise CMS provider Cloud CMS and have modified JavaScript on the infrastructure of these two companies to embed malicious code on over 4,600 websites.

Picreel is an analysis service that allows site owners to record what users do and how they interact with a website to analyze behaviour patterns and increase conversation rates. Picreel customers – website owners are supposed to embed a piece of JavaScript code on their sites to allow Picreel do its job. It is this script that hackers have compromised to add malicious code on.

Cloud CMS is a cloud-hosted content management system that allows users and companies to host a website on the company’s servers, e.g WordPress, wix, weebly, Blogger etc . It appears that hackers have breached this Cloud CMS and have modified one of the Alpaca Form scripts.

Currently, it is unknown how the hackers violated Picreel or the Alpaca forms. In a twitter conversation, de Groot told ZDNet the hack appears to have been carried out by the same threat actor.

Some group of hackers have hacked third-party companies to deploy cryptojacking scripts, while others have used the same technique to deeply specialized code that steals data entered in payments forms.


The malicious code records all the content that users enter in the fields of the form which includes payment pages, contact forms and login sections and sends the information to a server located in Panama.

The malicious code embedded in the Picreel script has been seen on 1,249 websites, while the one hosted on the cloud CMS infrastructure has been seen on 3,455 domains.

Update: Minutes after this article’s publication, we were notified that those malicious codes has been removed from the cloud CMS infrastructure.

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