Google’s latest phone is made of paper

Google paper phone is the thinnest and lightest handset the firm has ever made, it folds without breaking unlike other phones, and the battery seems to go on forever. although the phone can’t make calls, send texts or connect to the internet but at least you won’t be a target for muggers.

A lot of people feel that they spend too much time on their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology,” the app description reads. “We hope this little experiment can help you try a digital detox from technology and help you focus on the things that matter the most.”

The idea for bringing or inventing this Google paper phone is to keep the essential functionality – knowing where you’re supposed to be on a daily calendar, having people’s phone numbers on hand, knowing the weather, etc. – without the unavoidable distractions a smartphone bring.

Although it is impossible to set up your Paper Phone without an accompanying Android app.
But once you install it, the app allows you to choose all the information you might want available offline—like contacts, maps, weather, even screenshots—and print them out. You take this sheet of paper, fold it up, and there you go. It’s your Paper Phone.

One page might hold some of your contacts. Another, sudoku puzzles, recipes, even a short Italian phrases guide for traveling. Unfold the entire book, and there’s your map to wherever you need to go for the day. There’s even a replacement for Google Pay. You can cut tiny slots to hold your credit card, like a wallet.

Although Paper Phone is not the only project Google is sharing in its new Digital Wellbeing Experiments, and sure, it probably won’t be the most used, either. Other projects require less of a commitment to unplug, like the Unlock Clock (which turns your wallpaper into a giant counter of the times you’ve opened your phone today) or Post Box (which consolidates all of your push notifications to arrive at one time rather than in a constant, distracting barrage). The most practical project might actually be Desert Island, which can turn off everything but your most essential apps (like email) for a day. Eager developers can even get access to certain Android APIs to build wellness experiments themselves on the site.

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