All you need to know About Blogging and How most Bloggers Make Money from Their Blogs

Blogging, blogging, blogging, you have been hearing about it all the time but what does it really mean? Are you planning to go into blogging and you need a little insight of what blogging is all about before starting your own blog? Or are you a blogger that needs help in getting traffics and making money from your blog? Well, if that’s what’s bothering you then you have come to the right place.
This article will both benefit a beginners and an expert in blogging
Blogging today, has become a source of living to some bloggers. Although a lot of people doesn’t really….. Will I say… know much or have much interest about blogging.

A lot of people out there are looking for a job that can bring something good in return but they just don’t know that what they are looking for is right within them, well I can’t really blame them, because the reason is that they don’t know. But luckily for you, I know that after reading this article you will begin to know.

Well, today I will be explaining a lot, like how most bloggers make money from their blogs, how you can make money from your blog, what blogging is all about and more others.

You might have done a lot of research about blogging on the internet or you might have heard about blogging before from your friends, but whenever you hear or see these things, sometimes there is always a question in your mind and that question is “what does blogging really mean”? But before I hit the nail at the head, let me just give you a little story about myself on how I started blogging. Please I want you to give me your time and all your attention while you are reading this article.

A Little Story on How I Started Blogging

You see, I was once like you (beginners/newbies), I didn’t know anything about blogging, although I have been hearing about it on the internet but have not actually sat down and give a deep thought about it. But until one day, a good friend of mine, Theophillus (which he is probably a news blogger for now, the creator of spiranewsonline blog) introduced blogging to me. He told me a lot about blogging and I remember him telling me to

Give blogging a tryClick To Tweet

After that day I did some research on blogging, later on I open several free blogs, made a lot of mistakes but that didn’t stop me from doing what I want to do. Later on, I transferred my blog from a free blog to a self-hosted blog.
Imagine, if I didn’t encounter Theophillus, if I neglect what he was saying to me at that time, if I stop believing in myself, I wouldn’t have been a blogger now and you wouldn’t have been reading this article too… Well, the same goes to you too. Just imagine how many people will benefit from what you know…

The reason I gave you that short story was because I wanted you to know that I (every blogger) was once like you, knowing nothing about blogging but still gave “blogging a try.” Well, I know that it’s not really about going into blogging that really matters but what matters is being a successful blogger. Blogging is not actually an easy task though but I can say it’s really cool and you will love it.

Table of Content

1) A little story on how I started blogging
2) What is blogging all about or what is a blog?
3) What are the benefits of blogging or being a blogger?
4) The ugly side of blogging or being a blogger
5) How to create a blog
6) How you can make money from your blog like other bloggers
a. How to write good articles
b. How to grow your traffics/followers
7) How do bloggers make money from their blogs
8) Conclusion

Now let’s go into the first sub-topic of today

What is Blogging all about or what is a Blog?

Blogging is the sharing of information, ideas, knowledge frequently on the internet (world) through a blog.

What are the Benefits in Blogging or Being a Blogger?

They are lots of benefits in blogging or being a blogger but I will be listing out a few
• You can work from the comfort of your home
• You are the boss of yourself
• You can work anytime you want
• You may become very popular on the internet
• You will actually learn a lot of things
• Blogging can open doors of opportunities to you
• You can earn enough money to take care of your expenses and even your family’s too

Well, like I said earlier, these are just some few benefits of being a blogger. You can work from home anytime you want, you make your own cash, boss of yourself etc.


Maybe you are a salary earner and you stopped your work maybe because your salary is really not enough for you and now you are looking for a job that can at least pay you 100 times your salary within the space of a year or two, well I kind of know a job that can do that…. it’s “Blogging!”

Yeah it is very possible if you do it the right way. I have read a lot of stories about successful bloggers and how they make thousands and millions of dollars every month.
But don’t be very over excited yet. You know why? I will tell you why. In every of my blog posts I always make sure that my readers or viewers knows the good side and the ugly side of whatever topic I am giving to them. You want to know what the ugly side is.

The Ugly side of Blogging or Being a Blogger

It’s not really cool but you will get used to it.
What I meant by the ugly side is like hmm… will I say…. the disadvantages or limitations of blogging or being a blogger….hmm… Yeah, something like that. Quickly let’s look at the ugly side, lol.

  1. Most Successful Bloggers pass through Sleepless Nights before being whom they are today

True fact, many bloggers always stay awake at nights busy with their laptops most especially those that work and blog too. I have gone through all that and I am still experiencing it till now. So if you are having blogging in mind, these are one of the ugly side of blogging.

2. Most Bloggers get Confused Sometimes or even get frustrated

I remember when I started blogging newly, that was my first three months of blogging, during that time I was really frustrated and confused, and it was like I wanted to give up because I was really experiencing very low traffic on my blog.
It was like I spend time writing blog posts and at the end of it I won’t get a very encouraging number of people to read it, it was really frustrating at that time but eventually I begin to noticed that they was something I wasn’t doing and which was meant to be done to get huge traffic, and that was sharing my posts regularly and increasing my social followers, I did it and to me greatest surprise, the number of viewers I get in a week from my blog before, I got them like twice a day. But at the end I was happy that I didn’t quit blogging.
Just as it happens to me, it happens to every blogger and it will also happen to anyone that wants to go into blogging, all you got to do is to “keep trying different methods” and eventually you will get what you want. I also want you to note that if you decided to be a blogger it is normal to be frustrated or confused sometimes.

3. You will have to spend Money and Time to get Money from your Blog

Well this one is not really ugly because… you know…. When you want to start a business you will have to invest into that business to make huge profit from it, likewise blogging too.
Most bloggers spend more time on their blog than to anything else, sleepless night are also one of them too.

On the other hand you have to spend money on your blog to get money from your blog, for example, if you want to host your blog you need money, you also need to promote your blog posts on social media and you need money for that, if you want to upgrade your blog themes and plugins you also need money to do that.
You need to spend money on your blog to get money from your blog and if you don’t spend time or money on your blog, certainly you are not going to achieve anything from your blog.

4. Blogging is not a Quick Money Making Machine

I know that I’ve been talking about making money from your blog and all that stuff. The thing is that blogging is not a quick money making machine, you have to work hard and exercise some patience before you start getting money from a blog.
Don’t allow anybody to deceive you, that if you open a blog now, within six months or less you will start making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, not true! You should blog not only because of the money you will get after some months of blogging but you should also blog because you love to share your knowledge to those who doesn’t know.
So have it in the back of mind. If you are thinking of going into blogging because you want to make millions of dollars within a short period of time, you are very wrong because when you start blogging and you begin to notice that the money you are expecting to have from your blog within six months is not coming, you might give up on your blog and that would result to waste of time and effort building a good blog. So give it a second thought before going into blogging.

How to Create a Blog

Now you have known the advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger, let’s look closely on how to create a blog.

Well I won’t be explaining in details on how you can be able to create a blog in this article because I have written a full article on how to create a blog, from hosting your blog to customizing your blog. If you really want to know more on how to create a blog, I will advise you to read the article immediately after finishing this one.

They are two ways of creating a blog, you can create it for free or you can pay some amount of money to create one. But you should note that a free blog has limited features like themes, plugins etc but a self-hosted blog (the blog you pay to be hosted) gives you full access to unlimited features. If you would like to know more about free blogs and self-hosted blogs, you can check out one of my article on everything you need to know on how to create a free blog with WordPress.

Quickly let me give you the procedures on how to create a blog (self-hosted blog) which I would highly recommend

1. Choose a Hosting Services

A hosting services is a company that puts your blog site on the web or on the internet so that everybody will be able to see it.


They are lots of hosting services out there but my recommended host for you is Bluehost because
• It is a recommended host from WordPress.
• They have good support.
• One-click installation for WordPress and some other platforms.
• They come with a free domain name, hence, you don’t have to purchase a domain name and also their hosting plans are cheap.
• They are one of the best hosting companies in the world
• They have fast servers
• Good up-time. You don’t need to worry about your site going down or offline
• 24/7 customer support

There are also some good hosting services like HostGator, Hostinger, etc. these hosting services I just mentioned are one of the best hosting services and I highly recommend this hosting companies.
Another hosting services I will also recommend you to use is Domain King especially if you are a Nigerian but if you are not, you can also use it too.
I want you to note that some very cheap Nigeria hosting services are not really good because they have very poor up-time (your site will always go offline or down) so you have to be very careful when choosing a hosting service.

Below are some amazing features you will get from Domain King hosting services
• Very good customer support. They respond within or less than an hour, depending on the type of question
• Free SSL certificate. SSL certificate are very good for SEO
• Free domain name
• They are very cheap compared to other hosting services
• Fast servers. Fast servers are very good, they make your site page load faster

2. Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your blog url. It is your site’s name address. For example the domain name of my blog is
Some hosting services doesn’t offer a free domain name, so you have to purchase one but note that if you are using Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger etc, you will get a free domain name and if you are using Domain King you will only get a free domain name extension.
If you want buy a domain name, you can also buy from domain king, they sell domain name extension at a cheaper rate too.

3. Pick a Blogging platform

A blogging platform is like a software you use to run your blog. With this platform you can write, design and customize your blog.
They are many platforms you can use to run your blog, such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and others.

With these 3 steps you can be able to create a blog within a few minutes. If you have any questions, difficulty in creating a blog or have any contributions, please do well to drop them in the comment box, I will be happy to answer your questions and also to listen to all your contributions.

How Do Bloggers Make Money from Their Blogs and How You can too

Now we have come to the last discussion of today, “how does bloggers make money from their blogs?”
Like I said earlier, making money from a blog is not really an easy task especially for a beginner. They are different ways a blogger make money from their blog.
Before we go into how most bloggers make money from their blogs, I want you to know something. Before bloggers started making from their blog they did something.
They are certain strategies you must follow if you want to be like them i.e if you want to make money from your own blog like them

Strategies or Steps you must Follow to Make Money from your Blog like other Bloggers

1. Your Content is the King

The articles you write on your blog really matters a lot. Your articles will determine if you are going to have many subscribers or a huge constant traffic on your blog.
As a blogger, always place yourself in your consumer’s shoes. What information are they really focused on getting? A good keyword research would likely tell you that… Also, ask yourself what blogging format appeals to you when you read other blogs. You can’t build a blog independent of any external influence. Try to model your blog after successful blogs in your niche.
The more articles on your blog, the greater your chances of success, as your SEO prospects automatically get better.

Before going on to the next step there are some strategies you must follow to write a good blog post or to be a good blog publisher. Below are the

  • Steps you need to follow to be a good blog publisher

1. You must write at least 3 posts per week.
2. You must always be a consistent writer on your blog.
3. You need to search for keywords that are SEO friendly, so as to get a good ranking in search engines.
4. Make sure that all your blog posts should have at least 500+ words
5. Always try to write long-content blog posts at least 3 times a month (3000 plus words/per blog posts).
6. Try making your bog posts easier to read by using the word “you”, “I.” Try and make your blog posts conversational, it should be like you are talking to your viewers face-to-face about a particular topic.
7. Always do a research on the particular topic you want to write on before even writing.
8. The titles used in your blog matters a lot, it actually tells people to click on it and read when seen on search engines or social media.
9. Do not copy and paste other people’s blog articles on your blog.

The truth is that Good Articles = Many Readers = Subscribers = Huge Traffic = Affiliates Sales/Ads = Make Money from Your BlogClick To Tweet

The next step you must follow to make money like other bloggers is by growing your traffic

2. Growing your Traffic

This is the most important aspect in blogging. You can’t just write a bunch of interesting/lovely articles and just relax there and wait for people to read. You need to share those articles on different social media platforms, forums etc to get people to read it. And another thing is that if you want to increase the number of traffics you get every day you also need to increase the numbers of followers you have on social media.

The more the traffic the better the chances of making money from your blog.
There are different ways you can grow your traffic but the best place to grow your traffic is through the social media. You can also grow your traffic by buying traffics. One of the ways you can buy traffic is through maxvists, Google ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads and others..

  • How you can Gain More Traffic on Your Blog

1. Social media/forums
2. Maintaining a relationship with other bloggers
3. Email Marketing
4. SEO
5. Guest posting

For now I will be explaining on how to get traffic through social media/forums and how to maintain a good relationship with bloggers, the reason why I didn’t explained the rest for now is because I will need to get more info and do a lot of research before writing on them….

  • Social Media/Forums

Social media is one of the best place to grow your traffic. Social media is a platform where you share interesting stuff to your friends or followers.
If you are able to increase the number of followers you have on social media, then there is a chances that your viewers/visitors will increase too.
It’s important to recognize that each social media platform works a little differently from the other.

On facebook, you can form a group/page dedicated to your niche, and source for followers from there. Attaching hash tags to posts doesn’t seem too effective… Also, traffic is organic and based on a lot of metrics; from your interaction with other posts, to your amount of active friends.

On instagram, you can only post one link in the bio. Ensure it’s your blog’s link. Making short useful posts culled from your articles regularly, combined with trendy hash tags proves effective. Instagram lets you use a little bit over 20 trendy hash tags to ensure your posts are found.

Reddit is like a giant board with headings with lots of subheadings. Meaning, a person starts a topic (the heading), others contribute, and in turn create a sub heading, that other people can contribute under… The process can go on and on like that, subheadings repeatedly placed under subheadings.
You can either post text answers or link answers on Reddit; even a combination of both.
Building traffic on Reddit is tricky, in the sense that, brand based accounts are viewed as biased. And continuously placing links would definitely give you the reputation of a spammer. But if you keep providing reasonable text answers, more and more users would be willing to use your link answers to reach your blog. Also, remember to heed to rules of a subheading before commenting under it.
Note: Facebook, Reddit and twitter allow you to post links from your blog while Instagram doesn’t. Instagram and twitter operate on a very strong hash tag system whereas, Facebook and Reddit do not.

The best social media to get traffic or to share your blog posts is Pinterest, Reddit and Facebook. You can also get huge traffic from other platforms like Twitter, Medium, tumbril, Instagram etc but the best way to get traffic is from Pinterest, Facebook and Reddit, if you are a beginner in blogging, I will advise to start with Pinterest first, try and get more followers on Pinterest before moving to any other social media.

You can also drive traffic to your blog through forums. Some of the ways of driving traffic to your blog through forums is by
• Participating in different forums
• Joining different forums of similar interest to your blog niche
• Sharing your articles on different forums
• Asking and answering of questions
• Joining some popular forums like Quora, Nairaland, etc

How to Grow your Blog Traffic through Pinterest, Facebook

Pinterest is a very nice platform for growing your traffic. Most bloggers you see today made use of Pinterest in growing traffic. The best time to share your articles on Pinterest is everyday especially weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)
The only way you can grow your traffic through Pinterest is by increasing your followers and monthly viewers.
If you are finding it hard to increase your followers and monthly viewers on Pinterest, below are some ways in which you can increase your followers and viewers which can also help in increasing your blog traffic

• Always being active on Pinterest
• Repining other people’s pins
• Liking or commenting on other pins
• Trying making your board more easier to search by giving your boards, names that communicate the board topics
• Following other people’s pins or boards with similar interest to yours
• Sharing relevant contents (blog posts) with good description
• Avoid repining every time. Try and repin new content
• Trying using colorful images, infographics on your pins. You get some infographics from Instagram and create an infographic with carva or vengage
• Connecting your Facebook account to Pinterest

With this little steps listed above, you can be able to grow your Pinterest followers and monthly viewers. I’ve tried it and it really worked for me, if you will also try it, it will work for.

Facebook is one of the easiest means of getting traffic to any blog niche. They are different ways in which you can use Facebook to generate traffic to your blog. Below are some ways of generating traffic to your blog through Facebook

• Creating a Facebook page for your blog
• joining groups that discuss about your blog niche
• creating your own Facebook group
• inviting your friends t like your Facebook page and to join your Facebook group
• sharing your blog posts regularly on different Facebook groups
• sharing your blog posts regularly on your Facebook Page
• the best time to share your blog post on Facebook is Monday – Fridays especially Tuesdays and Thursdays
• by promoting your blog posts on your Facebook Page so as to get more engagements and to reach more people
• engaging other bloggers blog post like liking, sharing and commenting
• participating in groups on Facebook
• interacting with other bloggers on Facebook
• sharing your blog post your friends

Building a strong presence on social media takes time, so you must be really patient and be dedicated.

  • Maintaining a Relationship with other Bloggers

Do not be afraid to post links to other websites/blogs on your article, because chances are, that they may reciprocate.
Read the blogs of other bloggers in your niche, leave comments and a link to your blog. Alternatively, you can connect other bloggers via social media.
Let’s say for example your blog has 80 subscribers and another has 38 subscribers; by periodically recommending each other to your subscribers, you both might max out a little over 100 loyal subscribers. So start reaching out to other bloggers today… Sometimes, they don’t even have to belong to your niche. You can find something that pairs up nicely E.g, a fashion oriented blog pairing with an entertainment blog, or an educational blog pairing with a tech blog… The possibilities are limitless.
Conclusively, gaining traffic on your blog takes patience and dedication. But if you keep at it, results would slowly but surely come.

How Do Bloggers make Money from their Blogs

1. Run Ads
This is perhaps the oldest way to monetize a blog. When it comes to running ads on your blog, you can either run custom private Ads, affiliate marketing Ads or AdSense like Ads.

  • Private Ads

In custom private Ads, you are paid directly by companies to run Ads for them… There is direct communication between you (the blogger) and the company. To get to the level where companies patronize you for custom private Ads, you must be generating decent load of traffic.

Once your blog gains a sufficient amount of regular visitors, it is important to have already established a strong social media presence, because most private Ads would come from there; and nearly all of them would rely on your social media popularity.

  • Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you sell products via links on your website. All you need to do is to simply find an a affiliate program register, get your affiliate links or banner, paste them on your blog, get some people to buy or refer people from your blog to the companies you signed up for their Affiliates and start making your money from your sales or referrals… It’s as simple as that.
But also note that it is better to sign up for an affiliate program that has similar interest to your blog niche… because for example, you can’t sign up for an affiliate services that sells health and fitness equipment while you are blogging about programming/web development or on hacking…
Without question, affiliate marketing is arguably the best Ad plan choice for bloggers…
They are lots of Affiliate marketing out there but Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the most productive affiliate markets out there. Here is a link to effectively aid you in tackling the issues that you might encounter when setting up an Amazon affiliate marketing on your blog.
If registering on Amazon affiliate marketing network proves impossible, fret not, as there are other alternatives you can consider.
And also if you are having problems registering for any affiliates program, or having problems on pasting affiliates links or banner in your site, simply state the problem you are facing on the comment box and I will quickly find and give you a solution to it.

  • AdSense

AdSense is one of the oldest Ad plans on the net. Once you register for AdSense, you are given a unique code for your blog, to enable AdSense links appear on your blog.
Earning money on AdSense is slow and quite small in volume, but the platform is far more flexible than affiliate marketing.
Registering for AdSense can be quite difficult especially the verification process… But I suggest using a custom domain email address from Zohomail and ensuring the payee name offered, is the one used for your bank account to enable you ease through the verification process.
If registering for AdSense proves impossible, there are good load of less complicated alternatives.
Ideally, combining good Ad programs (AdSense + affiliate marketing) and running custom private Ads should enable a blogger earn a significant amount of money….

2. Offer Sponsored Reviews
You simply inform your readers that you can make posts centered on their brands or products for a small fee. You are not directly telling your readers to buy a product via a review, you are simply objectively assessing a product… Other times it could be a fun unique segment on your blog that you could ask your readers to sponsor, for a sort of ‘sponsored by so and so’ mention in the end.
These spots can be offered to your readers via your email newsletter.


They are different ways you can make money from your blog but the one I listed are just some and are the best ways of making money from a blog.
Like I said earlier, if have any questions or contributions just drop them at the comment below and please share this article in social media
This article will be updated regularly…

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